Hire amazing remote workers in 5 easy ways

Aarya Morwal

3 min

The pandemic has accelerated the need for remote working. The employee working in their respective companies transitioned their style of working from remote to conventional quickly. The work from the home model has brought a change in the working fashion and a shift in hiring and onboarding new employees. As the strategies for remote working are revised and updated, similarly, there is a need for the hiring managers to renew their approach and methodology for recruitment. 

Therefore, the hiring managers must define how they should administer the hiring for the remote working scenario. To make the talent acquisitions task more accessible, we have listed five methods that might be fruitful in hiring remote teams. 

Here we go:

  1. Jot down the strategy for remote hiring
  2. Define requirements for your desired candidate 
  3. Find the right place to advertise your job
  4. Testing using projects/ interactive sessions
  5. Understand their perspective on remote working

Jot down the strategy for remote hiring

While there may be a hundred thousand mantras on the internet on how t hire remote teams, you and your team should accept a hiring strategy that best suits your functioning and budget. The factors involved in the creating or planning process vary mainly from the number of hires needed to the budget and from onboarding to formulating the decision-making factors. The enterprises can customize the remote hiring process according to the company's requirements, values, hiring campaigns, and other monetary factors. 

Define requirements for your desired candidate 

The above boils down to elaborating the job description for the applicants and future rockstars for your company. You would be wondering why it is different from the conventional JD used for in-office working employees. 

The reasons for redefining the job description for remote teams are umpteen. While in conventional working, the managers act as a catalyst for their teams and boost productivity, the remote workers need to be self-motivated to get their work done. 

Find the right place to advertise your job

After curating the strategy and skills required for the desired candidate, you need to choose a platform that would attract the best-suited applicant. There are various portals available on the internet to advertise job openings that facilitate minimalistic conversations as well. The platform you choose will depend upon the future employees you are targeting, the applicant diversity on a forum, and the ease of using the portal for the hiring process. 

Updating job openings on your company's website is also a great option that would draw footfall on the website's landing pages. While advertising these openings online, it is also necessary for the talent team to make their enterprise's already existing employees aware of them. This would attract a more excellent crowd, and the probability of selecting the best candidate increases. 

Examine using projects/ interactive sessions

Unlike the conventional hiring process, the virtual assessment needs to be done wisely to test the skills and knowledge of the candidate. Hence, hiring remote teams becomes a little tricky. The evaluation methods should include interactive sessions or assignments that are required of the candidate. These can be done using aptitude tests, quizzes, or task-based interviews. Also, there should be an alternative backup ready if the connection of the internet or phone goes off. The hiring interview or call should not create panic amongst the aspirants aiming to join your company. 

Understand their perspective on remote working

Though all working professionals have adopted a remote working style, some struggle to adjust to the drastic shift from traditional work methods. Therefore, it is essential to get an insight from the candidates on how they have adapted to the change. We can understand the level of accountability the person can handle along with the allocated work. 

A remote employee needs to be self-motivated, a competent worker, a go-getter, and on his toes to work. Asking them about how they have overcome the challenges posed by remote working could also give you an idea of their problem-solving skills.


Hiring virtually can be a task, but we can make it a piece of cake by making the process a systematic one. You can follow the ways listed above, add a tinge of your own or understand what works the best for you. This begins by acknowledging and discussing with your team the requirements for the candidate. Communicating, organizing, and cooperating with other departments might be a hard call. Therefore, tools like Bottle helps you with the project, work, and time management. After managing the various aspects involved in the hiring and onboarding, you're good to go to hire the best suited candidate for your role :)

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