5 Ways To Get Work Done Faster

Jassil Jamaludhin

3 mins

There are days where you feel like all you have is 20minutes in the entire day to finish 1 week's worth of tasks. At least I have, and it is completely normal for everyone to go through this phase of clutter.

In a highly technology driven world, we feel that time is moving faster because so many things eat into our time unknowingly - be it your Instagram or YouTube or just friends group chats. This leads to an unproductive day where you had many tasks to do but you end up doing just a few.

When you have a lot of tasks on your plate, you will tend to procrastinate. Of course, nobody wants to procrastinate at work but nobody knows what exactly can you do to make this easier, right?

Here are 5 tips for you to get your work done faster. Brace yourselves!

Plan Your Day Beforehand

In order to get work done faster, you need to know what to do first. If you knew exactly the 10 tasks that you have to get done today, and you wake up with the mindset to do those ten tasks, you can imagine how focused your day will be.

Take 10-15 minutes the previous day, jot down your to-dos, and then go to bed. If you are confused what all tasks to do, then Bottle can help you. In our tool's homepage, you can see all the tasks that you've been assigned to and those that you've assigned to others.

Wake Up Early

This is as simple as it can get and as prehistoric an advice can get. Everyone and anyone would tell you that waking up early to get work done is the best thing - and they're all right (here are your proofs).

This doesn't mean you sleep at 1AM and wake up at 5AM - no, that's worse than not waking up early. You need to fix your time schedule in order to get at least 7-8 hours a day. Waking up early just unlocks new time slots in your life to get work done, it's unbelievably ridiculous.

Begin With The Hard Tasks

Mark Twain once said, "If you eat a frog first thing in the morning that will probably be the worst thing you do all day". So find your frog (the hardest task) and eat it up first thing!

Once you're awake (especially if awake early after a good sleep), your mind will be fully fresh and excited to take on the world. Start with the difficult tasks in the beginning, break it down to smaller steps if necessary, and take down the Goliath. Rest of your day will be a little stress free.

Schedule Your Day

If you can put a specific timing on what task you'll be working on when, then your mind will subconsciously prepare for it. There are so many benefits to planning your time that it's ludicrous how we don't realize it.

Quick tip - with Bottle's Daily Planner, you can add that tasks from your workspace to a calendar and block your times so easily. Since it's linked to Google Calendars, everyone in your team will know when to not disturb you.

Pomodoro Technique

With this method, you allot a specific time (25 minutes usually) in doing just a single task with zero distractions. Then you take a 5 minute break - relax yourself with a quick stretch or walk or a snack. This is one Pomodoro.

Once you've finished 4 Pomodori, take a 20-30 minutes break to properly wind down. This technique is highly effective as it reduces multitasking, increases focus on one thing, and puts a proper schedule into work.

There are so many more things that one can do to bring in more clarity and control in a day, but the objective here is just to focus on five simple, yet highly effective, changes that you can do to get work done faster. The initial days may be difficult, so don't force yourself into changing your lifestyle completely in one go.

As James Clear said in his book Atomic Habits, just try to get 1% better everyday, you will end up getting 37 TIMES better by the end of year. Focus on taking those small steps into improving your lifestyle, we believe in you!

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