Enabling teams to

Get S#!T Done.

Bottle helps your team to manage tasks and stay in-sync,
so they never miss a deadline.

Your team’s
entire work. Together.

Free up your mental space and see the whole picture. Bottle helps your team move work forward so they can deliver projects on time and focus on the next big thing.

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The most affordable
work management
software in the world.

Quit paying unreasonable $$ every time you:

  Add more users

  Create projects and boards

  Need more storage

"Work tracking tools often trick you into starting free and when you get hooked, they throw a massive bill at you. With Bottle, you know what you get and what you get is extraordinary (especially for the price)!”

Veeresh Krishna

Product Manager, Hotstar

“Bottle is truly building something special here. A work management software of this merit has never been available at such affordable pricing. This has the potential of changing how Indians work!”

Aditya Nair

Consultant, Deloitte

Visualize literally everything.

Collaborate with your entire team no matter where they are. With multiple views serving different purposes, you can find the most efficient ways to make each project a success.

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More than just a task.

Simple, yet powerful tasks to give context to your work.

  • Multiple assignees
  • Follow-up reminders
  • Tags
  • Priorities
  • Checklists/Subtasks
  • Multi-media attachments
  • Comments
  • @ Mentions

Remote teams use Bottle to effortlessly manage their work.

Stay aligned, clear and connected to keep the momentum going in your virtual team. With Bottle, you can find the shortest route to success.

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Built to empower your growing business

Designed for growing businesses and startups to work efficiently and in-sync. Everything just makes sense with Bottle.


- Track marketing campaigns
- Create content calendars
- Agency-Client collaboration
- Manage design and sales requests


- Plan product roadmaps
- Simplify sprint planning
- Have smoother launches
- Track bugs and work requests


- Plan and track deployments
- Provide fast support
- On-track onboarding
- Collect and prioritise work requests


- Plan marketing campaigns
- Strategise operations
- Manage customer queries
- Prioritise vendor requests


- Manage design requests
- Agency-Client collaboration
- Easily find assets and files
- Review and approve designs


- Easily find assets and files
- Manage design requests
- Agency-Client collaboration
- Provide instant feedback on designs

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