One tool to manage and improve your team’s work and culture.

Introducing Bottle.
One tool to plan, communicate, and motivate your team to get work done.

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We believe that teams must be productive, efficient and happy.

This is simply what we aim to do with Bottle.

How can Bottle help you build such a team?

We're so glad you asked!

Effortless Collaboration

Did you know that an engaged team can give you a 202% higher cumulative performance?

With our communication channels, you couldn’t collaborate and engage the team any easier

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Pinned Messages

No one will miss those important messages anymore!


Talking to your team has never gotten easier than this!

Task to Chat

Convert a chat to a task, or send a task to chat to clear doubts!

File Sharing

Be it an image, a video, or a PDF, you can easily share it on Bottle!

Manage all the Work

Imagine if your entire team was crystal clear about their work for the day, week or month.

Boost productivity and efficiency by planning your work on Bottle.

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Manage your work!

Be it planning what to do in a day, or planning for the month, we make it as easy as cutting a cake for any team!

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Day Planner

It’s easier to plan out what do you want to work out on everyday!

Lists & Boards

How can we manage tasks without these two ways to see your tasks, right?


Find out how many deadlines a person has in a day or a week, and then plan!

Calendar View

With our Calendar view of tasks, you can plan your projects ahead of time, seamlessly!

Improve Team Culture

Quick fact: Over 79% of employees felt that they would be more loyal to their employers if they received recognition!

With Bottle, you can give appreciation and feedback to your team, and enhance your team culture!

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See how well you are performing with our weekly updated on metrics!


Next time someone performs well, appreciate them with our tokens!


Help your team grow by giving them constructive feedback through Bottle!


We can help you asses your team’s mental wellbeing with our sentiments analysis!

With all three combined, your team becomes better and happier.

Individually, each element is quite useful to a team. But when combined into one tool?

That is revolutionary, and that is what you and your team need.

Oh, and did we mention that
 it is free? 

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